Is 1 Little Word Costing You $900?

This is a quick lesson on communication, negotiating, and getting exactly what you ask for.

Tim has been fielding the phone calls on our properties that are for sale, and I noticed that on the house that we were asking $219,900 for, when people asked him how much, he was saying “Two Nineteen” instead of “Two Nineteen Nine”. When I mentioned it, he said “same thing”

Guess what…we found a buyer, who is paying us “full price” of $219,000 because that’s what Tim told her. You can’t exactly go back now and say “oops, it’s really 900 more”.

Lesson: Don’t be too lazy to say the extra word “nine”, if you don’t ask for it, you will never get it…you now can make an extra $900 per deal just by asking.

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