YEAH!!! Pensacola Update…we fired our contractor!

OK you guys…you’re not going to believe this…after over 3 months, we finally found our contractor to fire him! He wasn’t returning calls, some of his numbers we had were disconnected, we called at numbers he had given us and people lied and told us they didn’t know who he was…the challenge was, until we officially “fired” him and had him sign off on a lien waiver, if we did any other work to the house we could have ended up having to pay him too if he claimed that HE had done the work and never been paid. So the house has just been sitting there for 3 months untouched.

At one point, he had pointed out to Tim the house he was moving to, so Tim knew how to get there, but didn’t know the address. This morning Tim showed up at his door at 8am with a lien waiver in hand (remember this is 6 hours away from where we live) and HE WAS HOME!

We have the lien waiver in hand, and Tim is meeting with a replacement contractor this afternoon to get the work finished (I won’t mention that this is the same one that was ORIGINALLY supposed to do the work when we first bought the property, strung us along for 60 days, then said “oh, I’m too busy to do the job right now” which led us to find the 2nd guy that was so awful!), I guess I also shouldn’t mention that the one that is supposedly going to finish the job now is Tim’s Uncle!!! But I am going to mention it to you because the lesson is: Don’t Hire Family!

We also are listing the property today with a flat-fee broker to get it back in MLS and work on getting it sold, although our “no banks needed” sign is still getting a ton of calls, just the property was too rough for the people that were looking at it.

We’ll keep you updated!

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