Update on Real Estate Stuff

Hey all!  Is anyone else tired of hearing about all the doom and gloom in the media about the real estate market?  Some areas are having a challenge, but that’s the time when REAL investors make great money.  This is the market we’ve been waiting for!

Updates on houses:

My lease-option tenant is supposed to be closing next week.  That will be a nice check!  Especially since I called the person that holds the private 2nd on it and asked “do you want to be paid off?  or would you like to move it to another property and keep collecting payments?”  their answer was keep collecting payments, so this gives me more working capital for the next one!

My house in Apopka is also supposed to be closing next week, and everyone (realtor and mortgage broker) are assuring me that everything is going smoothly, although I have my doubts, cross your fingers for me!  (I only bought that one in July, so we’re right at 4 months)

Our contractor in Pensacola seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth and hasn’t returned any calls in a week!  We may have an itsy-bitsy challenge there!  He was supposed to have been done last Monday and wasn’t…I’ll keep you posted.

They’re laying sod at my Valencia house tomorrow…it’s going to look sweet!

Bye for now!

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