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We’re Getting Ready To Step Up Our Marketing Again…

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

We have been so busy the last few months that our marketing for deals has kind of fallen flat on its face. I know that right now is an AWESOME time to do deals, maybe the best market for investors that we’ve seen in decades, so it’s time to pick back up. We will keep you posted on what’s working and what’s not…stay tuned!

Bug’s Revenge!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

I’ve now shared all of these stories and photos of some of my wonderful Florida houses that get bugg-y problems (roaches, termites, rats, and all kinds of other good things), but recently something ironically sad happened…the bugs got their revenge on my pest control guy!

Rob, (Let’s call him “Rob”) was in the woods hunting for deer. He had been up in one of their little “forts” up in the trees the whole day. The next day as he climbed up to his “fort” up the ladder, he opened the door and a swarm of wasps had moved in overnight! He was taken by surprise and fell backwards, off the ladder over 10 feet up! (he later joked that he didn’t get a single sting…he was falling too fast for them to catch up to him!) Anyways, he broke his arm in 5 places, a couple of ribs, and a few other things and had to be air-lifted out by helicopter to the next STATE to a hospital! At the time everyone at the camp was worried, but once they knew it wasn’t fatal…the jokes about “the bugs got their revenge” started flying!

Moral of the story? What goes around comes around!

Picked up a check… $59,502.34!

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Sorry I haven’t checked in for a few days…but I did pick up a big check on the 22nd of September!  I sold a property that I had owned as a rental for 3 years.  The actual profit was a little higher because I had already taken a cash-out refi about 2 years ago…but I haven’t calculated my numbers yet.

I taught a seminar this past weekend called the Junker Junket Bus Trip and it was AMAZING!  I love it when folks are eager to get started in investing and I am able to help them down that path…it is SOOOOOO satisfying to see their excitement at the possibilities!

Nothing much to report on the property side right now…Pensacola’s and Sanford’s rehab is coming along nicely, and Apopka and Pine Hills are on the market and getting some showings, but no bites yet…we are running both of those ads again this weekend to drum up some activity (actually we are thinking about keeping Pine Hills as a rental…the market seems to be around $1200 per month) and Sanford is getting tons of calls just off the sign in the yard…so I know that one will move fast when it’s finished.