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Free Conference Calls on Goal Setting: “The Year Ahead”

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

I’ve been a little slack with my posts, and I promise that we will pick back up now.

I have been very busy working on getting my At-Home Bootcamp for new investors finished, and am pleased to announce that it is all at the duplicators and will be in my hands next week!

I have also launched a 5-week training series on goal setting called “The Year Ahead” with my good friend, Jase Souder. We have 2 calls finished already and we have been getting AWESOME feedback! If you would like to hear the replays, go to for the replays and the handouts. When you are ready to get on the rest of the live Wednesday calls, email and say “Yes, I want the call in info!”

Updates from Paris, France

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

I love our business!  Tim and I can be traveling through Europe and checks STILL go into my bank account!  My lease option closed and so did Apopka (both were a few days late, but I won’t fuss too much) and the checks are in!

Tomorrow we are touring the Champagne valley of France…I hope to get some good photos of some fixer-uppers to post!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you are gearing up to not only end 2006 with a bang, but also have the best year investing EVER in 2007!!!

Bug’s Revenge!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

I’ve now shared all of these stories and photos of some of my wonderful Florida houses that get bugg-y problems (roaches, termites, rats, and all kinds of other good things), but recently something ironically sad happened…the bugs got their revenge on my pest control guy!

Rob, (Let’s call him “Rob”) was in the woods hunting for deer. He had been up in one of their little “forts” up in the trees the whole day. The next day as he climbed up to his “fort” up the ladder, he opened the door and a swarm of wasps had moved in overnight! He was taken by surprise and fell backwards, off the ladder over 10 feet up! (he later joked that he didn’t get a single sting…he was falling too fast for them to catch up to him!) Anyways, he broke his arm in 5 places, a couple of ribs, and a few other things and had to be air-lifted out by helicopter to the next STATE to a hospital! At the time everyone at the camp was worried, but once they knew it wasn’t fatal…the jokes about “the bugs got their revenge” started flying!

Moral of the story? What goes around comes around!

Did I interrupt a date?

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Remember the roach house photos last week? Well, this is the same house…we had some other guests staying in our property that were not welcome, so we “offed” them, Soprano’s style!


Remember the photo from Sept. 13th of the backyard with the “barn” shed all overgrown? Look at it now! (gave you the before picture too!)

Cool Real Estate History Lesson

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Earlier today I made a blog entry about my cockroach house, and in the photos I threw in a cool emblem that was embedded in the driveway. We were curious about what it meant, so Stacy did a little internet research, and it’s actually kind of a cool story…to promote all-electrical houses in the 50’s, there was an ad campaign launched by General Electric with Ronald Reagan as the spokesman, because he was host of the GE Theater at the time. From what I can figure, my house was one of the first 20,000 nationwide to be a “medallion house.” I have attached 2 links here for you to check out if you are interested, one is a photo of the ad campaign with Ronald Reagan and the other is a blog entry with the history of the LBE or Live Better Electrically and the Medallion Home program. I have also attached the photo again for you, but have now decided that I am going to clean off the paint and restore it to its original shiny metal glory. I will post another photo when it’s done! I will also use this history in my marketing when this house is ready to sell…If I thought it was a cool history lesson, maybe my buyer will appreciate it too!

Live Better Electrically